Changing Lives

Through a range of initiatives, we offer support, opportunities and guidance to individuals and community groups.

Support and Guidance

We have a network of experts who help vulnerable people in practical ways. They can provide professional support and advice on everything from social care to health, employment and religious affairs.

English Classes

We provide free English lessons to unemployed refugees in West London who are seeking employment. Confidence-building language classes are an excellent means of practically tackling one of the key barriers to employment.

Women's Leadership

We work to promote the empowerment of Muslim women to encourage them to become leaders and role models. We offer a programme of personal development training, with help from our partners, as well as a comprehensive citizenship course.

British Muslim Student Leadership

We give British Muslim students the skills and knowledge needed to reclaim ground taken by extremists and to lead their communities both on campus and online as active citizens. We provide workshops, information and guidance.

Youth Discussion Workshops

We work with schools and students to discuss subjects such as identity and migration. We aim to equip students with the confidence to constructively debate issues that are important to them, while also building life skills such as critical thinking and public speaking.