Londoners #TurntoLove one year after Finsbury Park Mosque attack

On 19th June 2018, #TurnToLove, The International Centre for Integration and Cohesion (ICIC), Faiths Forum and volunteers from London’s Muslim, interfaith, women and youth communities organised an event to honour the victims of last year’s far-right terror attack in Finsbury Park. This was to reaffirm that Love and Unity will win over Terror and Hate.

In the memory of Makram Ali and those injured during far-right terrorist attacks, we will stand together united against hatred and bigotry. Current events have shown that far-right extremism is on the rise, an issue which is creating real fear within communities. This is an issue that both communities and government must work together to tackle. 

The event served as a reminder to us all, if such issues go unchecked it will lead to acts of indiscriminate violence and terrorism. Acts such as the one witnessed on the streets of Britain where a Member of Parliament, Joe Cox was viciously attacked and killed in front of passers-by. Jo Cox stood up against hatred and division, and was a champion of equality and inclusivity something that far-right groups work towards destroying.

Women, men, faith leaders, will join forces to honour the victims of last year far-right terrorist attacks and to reaffirm that London communities stand hand in hand against
all terrorist no matter their colour, religion or ethnicity.a unity demonstration showing people from different backgrounds uniting visually throughout the afternoon and a minute of silence, followed by a multi-faith prayer

About #TurnToLove: #TurntoLove is a movement of people from all backgrounds coming together to amplify and spread messages of peace, love, and unity. #TurnToLove
campaigns have reached >200 Million views worldwide across mainstream and social media. #TurnToLove volunteers have organised campaigns in the immediate aftermath of attacks in Brussels, London, Manchester and Baghdad.