Encouraging Resilience

We bring people together all walks of life and invite them to engage in intercultural and religious dialogue.

Promoting Intercultural and Religious Dialogue

By asking academics, activist, faith leaders and others to share research, insights and experience, we hope to nurture a more cohesive society.

The idea is to present the true and authentic spirit of Islam as well as to provide a platform for credible Muslim voices.

We have developed a network of highly qualified individuals who are pooling their resources to promote intercultural and religious dialogue widely.

In the past, we have heard from faith leaders from the Middle East, received good practice advice from the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies and engaged with the Jordanian Ministry of Religious Affairs on the topic of curbing religious violence.

Sectarianism Workshops

We have developed a workshop for senior figures in the government and military as well as other counter-terrorism practitioners, that focuses on sectarianism within the UK. The day long workshop comes in two parts:


The first session discusses the history of extremist groups in the Middle East and North Africa, with a particular focus on Iraq and Syria.

It explores the realities on the ground in those countries today and the development and ideologies of jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.


The second half analyses the impact of foreign conflicts on the UK. 

Subjects covered include how the British media reports these wars and the way in which the style and language of those newspaper stories affects British Muslims.

It also explores why the recruitment of British Muslims by extremist groups has been so successful.

For more information on how to get involved please get in touch (link to contact us page) or visit www.integrityuk.org.

International Development

Integrity UK

We take an innovative approach to promoting integration, cohesion and social reconciliation within MENA (Middle East and North African) regions and the UK.

The idea is to:

1. Promote democracy, empower women and local communities and strengthen grassroots movements

2. Encourage credible voices from the Islamic and Arab world which spread positive messages and add to a counter-extremist media narrative

3. Produce bespoke security reports featuring cutting-edge research and analysis into what’s going on in MENA regions

Imams Against Death

We have created a digital platform for Imams to answer questions on commonly misrepresented topics related to Islam.

The platform features short videos of Imams from the UK and abroad discussing subjects related to extremist rhetoric and clarifying the historical and moral position of the Islamic Faith.

The objective is to drown out the interpretations of Islam used by extremists to gain legitimacy for their actions.

British Imams in Iraq

We decided to witness first-hand the realities experienced by Iraqi people in IDP camps, liberated cities and towns previously occupied by Daesh.

So we sent a group of British Imams from various parts of the UK on a fact-finding mission. 

The delegation of Imams were accompanied by prominent Sunni and Shia scholars and met with prominent politicians and parliamentarians. 

During our visit, we gathered crucial information and insight into what is happening on the ground in Iraq. 

We have been using this information to refute the sectarian and extremist narratives fueling division and hate in the UK.

Stronger Women, Stronger Nations

Women in war zones can be vulnerable to sexual violence and trafficking.

Rape is a commonly employed tool of war that causes emotional and physical trauma and can lead to unwanted pregnancy and alienation from communities.

Our programme exists to highlight the needs and vulnerabilities of women in war zones and provide material aid.

We support grassroots organisations in delivering schemes that cater for the needs of women, as well as encouraging their participation in peacekeeping and disarmament.